Gráficas C4



Veymar Toyota King's Dreams Pavanera

Graphical design: Gráficas Cromo 4, across the study's personnel, and with the knowledge of the different materials, systems and applications, we create your request how you want. And conscious of the importance of the budgets, we adjust to your needs.

Basic papers: Leaflets, diptyches, blocks of notes, cards, postcards, bulletins, checkbooks, folders, cartels, etc.

Folders and Notebooks:






Notebooks for general use with personalized covers in every colour, DIN-A4 and DIN-A5 sized.

With wai-ro bindings and laminated covers for daily use.

The notebook is a useful complement for the student, where the school is represented in a daily manner.

The client can customize their covers.

School Folder, of use generates, with ergonomic and functional desing, adapted to the necessities of the centers of Primary and Secondary education.

Desings totally customized forms to all color

Made with materials of maxim quality, that guarantee one long durability and resistance for their daily use.

It is a useful complement for the student who, simultaneously, favors the corporative image of the center.


Calendars of different measures and formats (weekly, monthly, annual).

Customize your calendar.